7 Chest Exercises To Help You Get Chest Muscles Without Weights

There are many different exercises that you can do to get chest muscles without weights. Here we have outlined seven Chest Exercises that will build up the major areas of your chest.

Chest Exercises N 1 – The Standard Push-Up
Chest ExercisesGet Chest Muscles Without Weights Standard Pushup: The best way to build chest muscles without weights is to incorporate the standard push-up into your workout routine. This is an exercise that most of us learned at home or at school and is the most well-known chest building exercises. Don’t be fooled by how long it has been around…it works!

Along with being effective, it is also a chest exercise that can be done anywhere. You can add variety to this exercise and prevent muscle building plateau by experimenting with different speeds.

Chest Exercises N 2 – The Diamond Push-Up
Chest ExercisesBuild Chest Muscles Without Weights Diamond Pushup: Another variant to the standard push up that will give you explosive results is the diamond push-up, which focuses on the center of the chest.

This chest exercise is similar to the standard push up, but instead you place your hands together, forming a diamond shape by touching your thumbs together and your index fingers together. Perform push ups in this position by lowering your chest to the center of the diamond your hands have formed.

Chest Exercises N 3 – The Wide Push-Up
Chest ExercisesAs the name infers, wide push-ups are peformed by doing regular push ups with your hands wide apart at either side of your chest. The separation between your hands is generally up to how strong you are. The wider apart the more difficult the exercise will be. This chest exercise develops your anconeus, anterior deltoid, triceps brachii and the pectoralis major muscles.

Chest Exercises N 4 – The Declined Push-Up
Chest ExercisesBuilding Chest Muscles Without Weights Declined Pushup: Another push up variation worth mentioning in this list of exercise that will help you get chest muscles without weights is the declined push-up. These push ups primarily work the upper chest. They also hit some secondary muscles including the shoulders and triceps.

To perform this chest exercise start by placing your feet on a chair and your hands on the floor so that you are facing downward in a declined position. It is important to note that the higher the chair, the more difficult the exercise.

You should also ensure that the table is resting against a strong surface such as a wall to ensure it does not slip or tip while exercising. Keeping your body straight, bend your arms and lower your chest down towards the floor and then back up to the starting position.

Chest Exercises N 5 – The Parallel Bar
Chest ExercisesYou may have seen gymnasts use the parallel bars to do their routines. Using a similar concept, the parallel bar can be very effective when building chest muscles without weights.

You will need to grab two strong chairs and place them about shoulder width apart and with the backs of the chairs facing one another.

While holding onto the tops of each chair, bend your knees so that your feet are no longer touching the ground. Push yourself as high as possible, extending your arms and then slowly lowering your body as much as possible.

Remember, just like the declined push ups, you will want to ensure that the chairs are sturdy and secure while performing this chest exercise to make sure they don’t slip! You don’t want to injure yourself.

Chest Exercises N 6 – Push-Up Variant
A push-up variant works your middle and outer chest and can be performed between two stable chairs. Start by placing your feet on a chair while placing one hand each on a chair, spaced shoulder length apart.

Much like the parallel bar exercise, you are suspended off the ground and lower yourself using the strength of your arms and chest muscles. The two chairs for either technique permit a greater stretch and workout for the outer chest muscles.

Chest Exercises N 7 – Swimming
Although not completely focused on the chest region, swimming is an option to get chest muscles without weights, while improving your overall fitness and health.

Swimming can work out the muscles across the entire chest, back and arms, which will help develop well-rounded tonality throughout your muscles, and exercise areas that you might have missed with more targeted exercises.

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